“It is God’s will to heal you,
Faith begins where the will of God is known”

– Pastor Gail Anderson
Our Mission

Our Mission

Is to teach people how to build their faith to receive healing and how to minister God’s healing power to others.

Our Purpose

To teach Prayer and Healing according to the Bible.
Understanding healing through revelation knowledge of the Word.
Healing through the gifts of the Spirit.
Healing through faith in the Word of God.
Teaching how to pray for others concerning divine healing.

Seven Things Every Believer Should Understand About Divine Healing


It is God’s will to heal you as it is included in the redemption for mankind.


Sickness comes from Satan.


Healing is provided in the Old and New Testament.


There are seven scriptural methods of obtaining healing in the scriptures.


Healing is initiated by gifts of the spirit or by your own faith in the word of God.


Healing is not always instant. Lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.


Healing can be lost. Rev.3:11 Jesus said,”Hold thou fast that which thou hast.”