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“Well Done” – Series

Greater Glory

Attitude is Everything

Do You Measure Up?

Time Well Spent

Everything Is Not Equal

Who’s In Charge?

Rev. Jennie Roberts

“Holy Spirit” – Series

The Hope of Transformation

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Listening to the Holy Spirit

A Wonderful Gift

A Still Small Voice

“Frequency” – Series

Conversations With God

Can You Hear Me Now?

Voice Recognition

Tune In

“Forgiven” – Series

Fulfill Your Purpose

Are You on a Guilt Trip?

Forgiveness = Freedom

Let It Go

Life After Death

I’m Forgiven

“Faith Works” – Series

Strong Faith for Tough Times

Watch What God Will Do

Faith Building Discipline

Faith Friends

Practical Is Powerful

Faith Works

“All Things New” – Series

A New Way to Live

Soul Detox

A New Kind of Life

The New You

Rev. Tony Cooke – On Mission with God

“iWorship” – Series

The Reward of Worship

What God Really Wants

Living in His Presence

Enter His Presence

I Worship God

“Roadtrip” – Series

Bring on the Joy

Be Grateful

Have Patience

Faith for the Trip

“Waking a Second Mile”

“We are… Generous” – Series

The Blessed Life

Generosity is Genius

The Generous Heart

The Power of Generosity

“RESET” – Series

Resetting Your Hope

Resetting Your Emotions

Resetting Your Energy

Resetting Your Work

Resetting Your Vision – Pt. 2

Resetting Your Vision – Pt. 1

Resetting Relationships – Pt. 2

Resetting Relationships – Pt. 1

I Will Reset

From Concealed to Revealed – Rev. Jennie Roberts

“The Holy Spirit” – Series

Gifts of Love

The Spirit Within The Spirit Upon

Power For Life


Father Knows Best

An Immeasurable Gift

“The Grace Life” – Series

5 Expressions of Grace

The Joy of More Grace

The Power of Grace

Grace For Your Place

Not Guilty by Grace

Saved by Grace

“Love Out Loud” – Series

Do Good

It’s Time for a Comeback

Love Serves

Who’s My Neighbor?

Love Acts

“Faith Grows” – Series

Faith or Fear

Faith Waits

Faith Talks

Seed Faith

Faith’s Foundation

Rev. Jim Kaseman – March 12, 2017

“Fresh Start” – Series

Rules of Engagement

Steps To a Better Future

Be Encouraged

A New Look

Prayer Moves

It’s a New Season

“The Missing Peace” – Series

Peace On Earth

Be A Peacemaker

Peace of Mind

Peace For Everyone All the Time

“Spent” – Series

Pass the Test

Generous and Grateful

Think and Act to Overcome

Are You Spent?

Come On In, the Water’s Fine

“Family Matters” – Series

Healing for Families

Quit Waiting and Start Waiting

Passing Down Your Faith

Framing a Godly Family

Harmony In the Home – Pt 2

Harmony In the Home – Pt 1

What’s Family For?

“Overwhelmed” – Series

Give God Glory

Under Pressure

Overcommitted = Overwhelmed

Are You Distracted?

The Perfect Storm

Are You Prepared

“Things I Wish Jesus Never Said” – Series

Love Is Fearless

Love Works

Live Free

Second Mile Living

Words Count

“Honor” – Rev. Jennie Roberts

“Holy Spirit” – Series

Gifts of Love

The Sprit Within and Upon

Thinking Clearly

The Spirit of Truth

The Holy Spirit Our Coach

The Immeasurable Gift

“Forgiveness” – Series

Forgiveness is For Life

How to Forgive

The High Cost of Un-forgiveness

Forgiveness = Freedom

How Jesus Defines Forgiveness

“Battle Ready” – Series

The Battle Is Won

Know Your Enemy

Off With the Old; On With the New

Take a Bible Selfie

Become a Prize Fighter

Become a Giant Slayer

“VISION” – Series

Run to Win

Run With Vision

Bigger Than You

Enjoy the Journey

See and Say

God Has a Plan

Rev. Van Crouch (January 31, 2016)

Take Your Position – Pastor Larry

“HOPE” – Series

Hope Shines

Dare to Hope

Anchored in Hope

Hope in God

 Thanksgiving 2015

Gratitude and Grace

“Those People” – Series

Necessary Endings

How to Deal With the Manipulator

Handling the Hyper-Critical Person

They Left Jesus

Needy People Need Help

Trapped and Upset

Get Along


Make a Difference

Discover Your Purpose

Live Free

Know Christ

Nancy Alcorn – Mercy Ministries

Ready! Set! Grow!

Pray for Change

Think to Win

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Where to Start

Power of Life


Faith – Rev. Jennie Roberts

David: King and Father

Spirit Within & Upon

The Spirit of Truth

Being Led By the Spirit

Immeasurable Gift

Therefore We Speak – Rev. Jim Kaseman

Grace Helps

Grace Works

Amazing Righteousness

Grace = Paid In Full

What’s So Amazing About Grace

Foolish or Wise?

Big Problem: Bigger God

Know Wisdom; No Trouble

Wise Behavior

Wise and Prosperous

Solving Life’s Problems

A Life of Fulfillment

Redeemed and Fully Restored

What’s Your Game Plan for Life

Cup of Freedom

Cup of Salvation

Christ Our Passover Lamb

God’s Core Promises

Perfect Love

Give and Take

Dancing In the Desert

Full of Joy

Grateful or Grumbling?

A Thankful Heart

Uncommon Thankfulness (Pastor Larry)

The Dangers of Ingratitude

Power of Gratitude

While We Wait

What’s Going to Happen After the Rapture

What Time Is It?

Ready or Not, Here I Come

In God I Trust


The Secret Place

Power Thoughts

Fix Your Thoughts

Healthy Mindsets

Mind Control

Behavior Therapy

Put Off the Old. Put On the New.

Fulfilling My Purpose

We Go Outside

We R Generous

Connect Four

Ready Set Grow

Rev. Jennie Roberts – Guest Minister

We All Do the Dishes

Don’t Take the Bait

Loved and Loving It

Love Thyself